Gilles (2005)

Gilles (2005)
Director: Jan Verheyen & Pieter Van Hees
Drama / Sports / Coming of Age / Family / Comedy (Minor)

Top Cast:

  • Ilya Van Malderghem
  • Joke Devynck
  • Filip Peeters
Audio: Dutch
Subtitles: English

“Gilles,” originally titled “Buitenspel,” is a touching 2005 Belgian film that captures the essence of a young boy’s dreams, ambitions, and struggles in the world of football. This article delves deep into the storyline and user reviews, offering an extended analysis of this heartwarming and emotional cinematic experience. Whether you’re a passionate football fan or just someone searching for an engaging film, “Gilles” is sure to draw you into its compelling narrative.

Gilles Trailer

Plot and Synopsis


The story of “Gilles” revolves around the dreams of a young, football-crazy boy named Gilles, portrayed by Ilya Van Malderghem. His father, Bert, played by Filip Peeters, was a dedicated grocer in greater Brussels but had a deep passion for football and aspired for his son to become a part of the national soccer team. Unfortunately, Bert’s dreams are cut short by a sudden knee injury, leaving him unable to pursue his own ambitions in the world of football.


Determined to keep the dream alive, Bert becomes Gilles’ dedicated coach, pouring his heart and soul into training his son to become a football star. However, tragedy strikes during a crucial match when a scout has the chance to select Gilles for the provincial team. Bert’s excessive anger at the referee during this match leads to a fatal heart attack, leaving Gilles to face the challenges of life without his father.


As Gilles mourns the loss of his biggest fan and best friend, he also has to adapt to the changing dynamics in his family. His mother begins a relationship with an accountant named Joris, who knows little about football. Meanwhile, Gilles’ own football career is threatened by a serious foot injury. He is faced with a critical decision, one that could make or break his dream of becoming a Red Devil for the Belgian national soccer team.


User Review: An Emotional Journey


“Buitenspel” strikes a chord with viewers through its poignant portrayal of a 12-year-old boy navigating the ups and downs of life, especially his passion for football. The film takes audiences on a rollercoaster of emotions as Gilles grapples with the loss of his father and the challenges that lie ahead.


The performances of the cast are commendable, with Joke Devynck and Filip Peeters delivering standout acting. The cinematography, considering it’s a Belgian production, adds to the overall appeal of the film.


However, while the film is well-crafted, it does leave room for improvement. Some viewers feel that the storyline could have been enriched by exploring the backgrounds of other characters in an understory. Additionally, there were moments where predictability crept into the narrative, and the film’s main character, Gilles, portrayed by Ilya Van Malderghem, was noted for his inexperience in acting, especially in conveying emotions. Some scenes, like the one where Gilles’ mother reminds him of his father’s passing, lacked the emotional depth viewers anticipated.


Furthermore, the use of the term “venteke” (an Antwerp dialect for “my little guy”) by the mother repeatedly felt a bit excessive for some.


The High Points


Despite these minor critiques, “Gilles” has several redeeming qualities. The film’s storyline is relatable and heartwarming, offering a unique perspective on the dreams and struggles of a young football enthusiast. The music score adds depth to the emotional journey, and Filip Peeters’ performance on screen is a highlight.


Any movie featuring Filip Peeters is expected to be above average, and “Gilles” does not disappoint. This film guarantees an emotional viewing experience, regardless of whether you’re in Belgium or anywhere else in the world.


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Gilles (2005)
Gilles (2005)
Gilles (2005)
Gilles (2005)

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