Moonlight (2002)

A.K.A. The Afghan

Moonlight (2002)
Director: Paula van der Oest
Thriller / Drama / Romance / Coming-of-Age / Mystery / Psychological / Cultural and Social Commentary / Foreign Film

Top Cast:

  • Hunter Bussemaker
  • Franck Sasonoff
  • Andrew Howard
Audio: English, French
Subtitles: English

Moonlight, also known as “The Afghan,” is a hidden gem in the world of cinema, a 2002 film that transcends borders and genres. This unique movie, set in the enchanting landscapes of the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and Germany, weaves a compelling tale of love, secrecy, and escape. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the intricate storyline and explore why Moonlight is a must-watch film. 

Moonlight Trailer

The Storyline


Moonlight unfolds in the heart of Europe, where Claire, a young girl, resides with her affluent adoptive parents in a luxurious and secluded mansion nestled in the serene woods. The story takes a mesmerizing turn when Claire stumbles upon a wounded and bleeding boy of her age in her family’s garden shed. This mysterious young man is a drug courier from Afghanistan, who has been shot and injured after serving as a tragic pawn in a dangerous criminal game.


Claire, faced with a moral dilemma and a burgeoning sense of compassion, makes a life-altering decision to keep the wounded boy’s presence a secret. As she tends to his injuries, an unbreakable bond forms between them, defying the boundaries of language, culture, and circumstance. Their love blossoms in the most unexpected of places, amidst the shadows of danger and deception.


However, the past catches up with them when the ruthless drug dealers return, threatening to shatter the fragile world Claire and the Afghan boy have built together. With her family preparing to move back to the bustling city, Claire and her newfound love embark on a perilous journey to escape the clutches of their dangerous pursuers. Yet, Claire grapples with the haunting memories of her own abandonment, making it challenging for her to outrun her past.


User Review


Moonlight is a cinematic masterpiece that defies convention and leaves a lasting impact on the viewer’s senses and psyche. While the film’s premise may appear to traverse familiar territory, it captivates with its unique approach to storytelling. Unlike many American films, Moonlight relies on the power of sounds and visuals, minimizing dialogue to create a deeper, immersive experience.


One of the film’s remarkable strengths lies in its ability to take well-worn clichés and breathe fresh life into them. Despite the predictability of certain plot elements, the captivating lack of communication between the main characters and the hyper-psychological use of sound and visuals elevate the narrative to a whole new level.


The film benefits immensely from the inherent beauty and talent of the young actors who portray characters thrust into adult roles. Their nuanced performances add depth and authenticity to this coming-of-age narrative. Notably, the music in Moonlight serves as an integral element, effectively manipulating the viewer’s emotions, intensifying tension, and creating striking contrasts with the visuals.


Moonlight stands out as a visual masterpiece, a testament to the importance of visual storytelling over verbal communication. The near absence of dialogue serves as one of the film’s most astonishing feats, challenging conventional cinematic norms and demonstrating the power of cinematic artistry.


Moonlight, also known as “The Afghan,” is a cinematic triumph that deserves the attention of film enthusiasts worldwide. Its ability to transcend language barriers and tell a compelling tale through visuals and sounds is a testament to its excellence. If you’re eager to experience this captivating film for yourself, you can stream it conveniently online on through one of the blue buttons.


Don’t miss the opportunity to be enthralled by Moonlight, a film that leaves an indelible mark on the heart and mind, proving that sometimes the most profound stories are told in silence.

Moonlight Scenes

Moonlight (2002)
Moonlight (2002)
Moonlight (2002)
Moonlight (2002)
Moonlight (2002)
Moonlight (2002)

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