Solid Gold (Short 2012)

Solid Gold (Short 2012)
Directors: Benny Safdie & Josh Safdie
Experimental Film / Art House / Documentary / Drama / Urban and City Life / Performance Art / Inspirational

Top Cast:

  • Benny Safdie
Audio: English
Subtitles: English

In the bustling streets and subways of New York City, where the rhythm of life is often a symphony of haste and anonymity, there emerged a captivating experiment in street performance – “Solid Gold.” This 2012 short film is a testament to the unyielding spirit of a Golden Man who defied the ordinary and dared to be seen, offering a unique perspective on the human connection in the urban jungle.


The Art of Street Performance


“Solid Gold” transcends conventional filmmaking, blending the art of street performance with a compelling narrative. It offers a glimpse into the life of the Golden Man, who is more than just a performer – he is a symbol of resilience and artistic expression.


Amid the ceaseless flow of commuters and pedestrians, “Solid Gold” explores the profound question of how one can stand out in a city that never sleeps. The answer lies in the mesmerizing presence of the Golden Man, who shines as a beacon of individuality in the urban crowd. His mere presence challenges the status quo, reminding us that it is the pursuit of our dreams and the courage to be different that truly matters.


The Golden Man: A Symbol of Tenacity


At the core of “Solid Gold” is the enigmatic character known as the Golden Man. Portrayed with unparalleled dedication, this character represents the human spirit’s longing for recognition and appreciation. As you follow his journey through the film, you’ll witness the Golden Man’s unyielding determination to capture the attention of passersby and elicit their emotions.


This experimental short film not only invites viewers to reflect on the value of determination but also to appreciate the everyday heroes who walk among us. The Golden Man’s transformation into a golden spectacle on the streets of New York serves as a powerful reminder that we can all be the protagonists of our own stories, no matter how unconventional they may seem.


New York City: The Perfect Backdrop


New York City, with its iconic landmarks and bustling streets, plays an essential role in “Solid Gold.” The city’s magnetic energy and diverse populace provide the ideal backdrop for the Golden Man’s remarkable journey. As you watch the film, you’ll be transported to the heart of this metropolis, feeling the pulse of life as it surges around you.


Whether it’s the neon lights of Times Square, the underground subways, or the quiet corners of Central Park, “Solid Gold” captures the essence of the city like no other. It’s an invitation to explore the hidden gems and untold stories that exist in the labyrinth of New York’s urban landscape.


Where to Watch “Solid Gold”


If you’re intrigued by this unique cinematic experience and wish to embark on the journey of the Golden Man, “Solid Gold” is available to watch online on You can watch this mesmerizing short film and immerse yourself in the world of street performance, determination, and the vibrant streets of New York City.


By watching “Solid Gold” online, you not only support the creators of this remarkable piece but also get a chance to be inspired by the Golden Man’s tenacity. Click here on one of the blue buttons on this page to start your journey with “Solid Gold” and experience the magic of New York City through the eyes of a street performer.


In conclusion, “Solid Gold” is more than just a film; it’s a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the power of artistic expression. It invites you to discover the extraordinary within the ordinary, and by watching it online, you’re supporting a cinematic gem that deserves recognition. Join the Golden Man on his quest for visibility, and you may find yourself inspired to embark on your own extraordinary journey in the streets of life.

Solid Gold Scenes

Solid Gold (Short 2012)

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