The Cold Lands (2013)

The Cold Lands (2013)
Director: Tom Gilroy
Drama / Coming-of-Age / Adventure / Independent / Family / Slice of Life / Character Study

Top Cast:

  • Lili Taylor
  • Silas Yelich
  • Maggie Low
Audio: English
Subtitles: English

“The Cold Lands,” a 2013 American independent film, takes audiences on a captivating journey into the heart of the Catskills. Directed and written by Tom Gilroy, this remarkable movie offers a unique cinematic experience. In this expanded article, we’ll delve deeper into the storyline, the characters, and the film’s production values. If you’re looking for a captivating and thought-provoking film, “The Cold Lands” is a must-watch. We’ll also guide you on how to access this movie through one of the blue buttons on this page.

The Cold Lands Trailer

Plot Summary


The story revolves around a young boy named Atticus, portrayed by Silas Yelich, who finds himself in a challenging situation when his self-reliant mother unexpectedly passes away. Home-schooled by his caring mother, Atticus is ill-prepared for the outside world. Fearing that he might be sent to a foster home, he makes a bold decision to escape into the vast forests surrounding his Catskills home.


As Atticus wanders through the woods in a state of shock, his survival depends on the meager food and shelter he can find in the wild. However, as time goes on, his grasp on reality begins to unravel. In his darkest moment, he stumbles upon Carter, a scruffy drifter who lives out of his car and makes a living by selling handmade necklaces at festivals. Carter is also known for his recreational use of marijuana.


Atticus and Carter form a wary alliance, both depending on each other for their survival. However, the young boy is unsure if this decision is right, as he is stepping into a world vastly different from the one his mother had prepared him for. This unlikely pairing sets the stage for a remarkable journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and an exploration of the human spirit.


Character Dynamics


Silas Yelich’s portrayal of Atticus brings depth and authenticity to the character. He skillfully captures the essence of a young boy thrust into a world of uncertainty, and his emotional journey is captivating to watch. Lili Taylor’s portrayal of Atticus’ mother, though brief, leaves a lasting impact on the story.


Peter Scanavino’s performance as Carter, the benevolent loner, is outstanding. Carter is not your conventional role model, but he proves to be a craftsman with a strong moral code. His character is refreshing, adding depth and complexity to the story.


Production Values


“The Cold Lands” excels in its production values, creating an immersive experience for the audience. Cinematographer Wyatt Garfield’s work shines, offering viewers crystal clear visions of the Catskills and the misty nights that envelop the story. The film’s location shooting in the wilds adds to the authenticity and ambiance of the narrative.


The sound design of the movie emphasizes the “noises of silence,” which contributes to the film’s unique atmosphere. These production elements elevate the overall viewing experience and reflect the director’s commitment to storytelling.


In conclusion, “The Cold Lands” (2013) is a refreshing and thought-provoking movie that deserves attention from cinephiles and casual viewers alike. Its well-developed characters, exceptional production values, and an engaging storyline make it a memorable cinematic experience.


If you’re eager to watch this exceptional film, you can watch it online on Experience the journey of Atticus and Carter as they navigate the unknown together, and join them in their quest for survival, understanding, and the true meaning of human connection. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore “The Cold Lands” and its profound narrative.

The Cold Lands Scenes

The Cold Lands (2013)
The Cold Lands (2013)
The Cold Lands (2013)
The Cold Lands (2013)
The Cold Lands (2013)
The Cold Lands (2013)

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