Partisan (2015)

Partisan (2015)
Director: Ariel Kleiman
Drama / Thriller / Crime / Coming of Age / Psychological / Cult / Family Drama / Social Commentary

Top Cast:

  • Vincent Cassel
  • Jeremy Chabriel
  • Florence Mezzara
Audio: English
Subtitles: English

In the realm of cinema, stories that delve into the complex dynamics of sequestered communes and charismatic, domineering leaders have the potential to captivate audiences with their psychological depth and emotional intensity. Partisan, a 2015 Australian-American film directed by Ariel Kleiman, ventures into this intriguing territory, offering a unique perspective on the struggle for individuality and freedom within a tightly knit community. In this extended article, we will dissect the film’s storyline, delve into critical aspects, and provide an insightful user review, all while optimizing it for search engines to attract movie enthusiasts to watch Partisan online on

Partisan Trailer

Unveiling the Storyline


Partisan introduces us to Alexander, a young boy who has spent his entire life within the confines of a secluded commune. Under the charismatic leadership of Gregori, the community adheres to strict rules and unquestioning loyalty. However, as Alexander grows older, he becomes increasingly resistant to the regimented life imposed upon him. His unwillingness to conform sets the stage for a gripping conflict, pitting him against the enigmatic and domineering Gregori.


The film’s premise suggests a battle of wills, with Alexander striving to overthrow the oppressive regime, but as we delve deeper into the narrative, we discover that “Partisan” offers more than meets the eye.


A Critical Perspective


A user review of Partisan encapsulates both the film’s strengths and weaknesses. The reviewer, like many viewers, approached the movie with certain expectations. Given the premise of a young boy rebelling against a brutal regime, anticipation for intense confrontations and power struggles was natural. However, the film diverges from convention, offering a nuanced exploration of its characters and their motivations.


The review highlights the film’s occasional flirtation with its central elements—rebellion and authoritarianism. Still, it argues that neither aspect is given the necessary focus to make the story truly compelling. Alexander’s efforts to overthrow Gregori’s regime are sporadic, and his reasons for doing so are perceived as weak. In essence, the film fails to present Gregori as a tyrant, casting doubt on the motivations driving Alexander’s actions.


The reviewer also critiques the film’s pacing, describing it as slow and tedious. Extended stretches of apparent inactivity contribute to a sense of boredom for the viewer. Furthermore, the film’s narrative feels unfocused, with Alexander oscillating between being an assassin and an objector without a clear connection between these story arcs. This lack of development in both aspects leaves the film feeling undercooked and frustrating.


Despite these criticisms, the reviewer acknowledges the performances of the cast, particularly Vincent Cassel and the young actor portraying Alexander, as the film’s saving graces. These actors manage to inject life into a story that may have otherwise faltered.


An Invitation to Watch “Partisan” Online on


While Partisan may not conform to conventional expectations of a power struggle between a young protagonist and an authoritarian figure, it offers a unique exploration of individualism within the confines of a secluded community. Its strengths lie in the performances of its cast, notably Vincent Cassel, whose talent shines through even in challenging material.


For those intrigued by thought-provoking narratives that blur the lines between rebellion and conformity, Partisan is worth a watch. If you’re ready to experience this cinematic journey, you can easily find it online here on this page. Click on one of the blue buttons on this page and embark on this captivating exploration of human nature and the struggle for autonomy.


Partisan is a film that dares to venture beyond the expected boundaries of its genre, delivering a thought-provoking narrative that challenges the viewer’s perception of rebellion and conformity. Despite its flaws, it remains a compelling piece of cinema, and its availability online ensures easy access for those eager to delve into its intricate storytelling. So, sit back, click one of the blue buttons, and immerse yourself in the world of Partisan.

Partisan Scenes

Partisan (2015)
Partisan (2015)
Partisan (2015)

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