Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi (1986)

Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi (1986)
Director: Sergey Solovyov
Drama / War / Coming-of-Age / Family / Adventure / Period Piece

Top Cast:

  • Vyacheslav Ilyushchenko
  • Liubomiras Laucevicius
  • Lyudmila Saveleva
Audio: Russian
Subtitles: English

Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi is a captivating Soviet drama film directed by Sergey Solovyov, released in 1986. Set in the year 1946, the movie paints a poignant picture of life in a poor provincial town after the ravages of war. The story revolves around a group of ragamuffin boys who navigate the challenges of postwar childhood, finding solace in their passion for pigeons. This heartwarming tale is an exploration of kindness, resistance against evil, and the pursuit of happiness, all beautifully portrayed based on the novella by B. Ryakhovsky.

Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi (1986) Scene



The movie is set in a small provincial town that still bears the scars of war, both visible and invisible. The children in the town, having experienced the hardships of conflict, are now trained fervently for combat, fostering an environment of aggression and violence. At night, the local elite gathers in a pool room, weaving fictional tales about their lives to escape the harsh reality.


However, amid this harsh existence, pigeons become a symbol of hope and freedom for the children. Pigeons can be bought, sold, or stolen, and they represent a form of escape from the bleak surroundings. One day, a mesmerizing white dove appears over the town, capturing the attention and hearts of the children, especially a young boy named Ivan.


Risking his life, Ivan captures the beautiful white pigeon and becomes deeply attached to it. Little does he know that his act of capturing the White pigeon makes him a target of the ‘pigeon mafia’ – a group that seeks to control the pigeons and their trade. Faced with this dangerous situation, Ivan must navigate a world of deception, rivalry, and danger while protecting his newfound friend.




Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi touches upon several profound themes that resonate with audiences even beyond its time:


Postwar Trauma and Resilience: The film depicts the lingering effects of war on individuals and communities. It shows how people, especially the younger generation, cope with the aftermath of conflict and strive to find happiness amid the ruins.


Kindness and Compassion: Ivan’s act of capturing the White pigeon reflects the human capacity for kindness and empathy, even in the most challenging circumstances. The movie encourages viewers to cherish and cultivate these qualities.


Friendship and Camaraderie: The bond between the ragamuffin boys and their shared passion for pigeons exemplifies the importance of friendship and unity in difficult times.


Resistance against Evil: As Ivan faces the ‘pigeon mafia,’ he embodies the spirit of resistance against oppressive forces, symbolizing the power of standing up to evil and injustice.


Innocence and Dreams: The film portrays the innocence of childhood dreams and the pursuit of happiness, highlighting the value of preserving and nurturing such dreams throughout life.


Legacy and Impact


Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi was well-received upon its release, praised for its poignant storytelling and emotional depth. Over the years, the film has attained a cult following and is remembered as a classic of Soviet cinema. It continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, inspiring discussions about the enduring themes it presents.


Where to Watch Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi Online


For those interested in experiencing this timeless Soviet drama, Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi is available for watching online on The film’s beautiful cinematography, compelling narrative, and heartfelt performances make it a must-watch for anyone who appreciates thoughtful storytelling.


Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi is a cinematic gem that transcends time, offering a glimpse into the postwar struggles and triumphs of childhood. The film’s exploration of kindness, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness leaves a lasting impression on its audience. As the story unfolds, it reminds us of the significance of compassion and friendship, urging viewers to cherish their dreams and resist evil forces. With its availability on, this cinematic masterpiece is easily accessible to a new generation of viewers, ensuring that its impact continues to endure for years to come. So, take a seat and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi, a tale that reminds us of the power of humanity and the beauty of a kind heart.

Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi (1986) Scenes

Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi (1986)
Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi (1986)
Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi (1986)
Chuzhaya Belaya i Ryaboi (1986)

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