Hidden Away (2014)

Original Title: A escondidas

Hidden Away (2014)
Director: Mikel Rueda
Drama / Romance / Coming-of-Age / Social Issues / LGBTQ+ Cinema / Family / Friendship

Top Cast:

  • Germán Alcarazu
  • Adil Koukouh
  • Joseba Ugalde
Audio: Spanish & Arabic
Subtitles: English

At the tender age of 14, the world can seem like a whirlwind of change, and it’s during this phase of life that we often discover that it’s not just the world around us that’s evolving, but it’s us too. “Hidden Away” (original title: “A escondidas”) delves into the turbulent journey of two young souls, Ibrahim and Rafa, as they navigate the uncharted waters of first love, under extraordinary circumstances, and the necessity of keeping it concealed.

Hidden Away Trailer

Exploring Hidden Away


“Hidden Away,” known as “A escondidas” in its original Spanish title, introduces us to Rafa, a 14-year-old boy who spends his time with friends who, like typical teenagers, exhibit immaturity and harbor prejudices, particularly against those of Arab descent. In addition to his social life, Rafa is passionate about water polo, which brings structure to his life.


The storyline takes an unexpected turn when Rafa crosses paths with Ibrahim, a Moroccan boy living in a hostel, far away from his home country. Ibra, as his friends fondly call him, lacks familial support, and with the authorities actively seeking to repatriate individuals, they are often indifferent to the complexities of individual cases.


Despite these challenging circumstances, Rafa is immediately drawn to Ibrahim, driven by a genuine liking for this newcomer. Rafa takes great strides to gain Ibrahim’s attention, even if it means crossing boundaries. Their burgeoning friendship becomes the focal point of the narrative, navigating the precarious territory of teenage emotions, first love, and friendship under the shadow of societal prejudices and legal barriers.


Outstanding Performances and Authentic Storytelling


“Hidden Away” stands out for its exceptional performances and a script that brings life and clarity to a very real and often unexplored situation. The movie provides an authentic portrayal of the complex emotional journey of adolescents experiencing their first love under extraordinary circumstances.


The film also impresses with its musical accompaniment, featuring the likes of the underappreciated band Fanfarlo. The soundtrack, while not fully documented on IMDb, seamlessly complements the narrative, enhancing the overall viewing experience.


Not Just a Gay-Themed Drama


While “Hidden Away” is often categorized as a gay-themed drama, it’s important to note that the movie doesn’t dwell on explicit bedroom scenes. Instead, it focuses on the profound teenage first love experiences that unfold amidst trying circumstances. It highlights the resilience of friendship and the depth of emotions in the face of adversity.


A Must-Watch for All


“Hidden Away” (or “A escondidas”) is a captivating and poignant Spanish film that transcends boundaries and speaks to the universal themes of love and friendship. It’s a story of first love under extreme circumstances, offering an emotionally charged narrative that resonates with audiences from all walks of life. Whether you’re a lover of gay cinema or simply enjoy a heartfelt love story, “Hidden Away” is a cinematic gem that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.


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Hidden Away Scenes

Hidden Away (2014)
Hidden Away (2014)
Hidden Away (2014)
Hidden Away (2014)
Hidden Away (2014)
Hidden Away (2014)

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