Alabama Moon (2009)

Alabama Moon (2009)
Director: Tim McCanlies
Drama / Adventure / Family / Coming of Age / Young Adult / Survival / Heartwarming

Top Cast:

  • Jimmy Bennett
  • Gabriel Basso
  • Uriah Shelton
Audio: English
Subtitles: English

“Alabama Moon,” a 2009 American film, takes viewers on a poignant journey through the life of Moon Blake, a young boy raised by his government-paranoid father in the hidden caves of Alabama’s forests. The story revolves around Moon’s quest for survival, friendship, and adventure as he faces the challenges of an unfamiliar world after his father’s tragic demise.

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The Enigmatic Tale of Moon Blake


Moon Blake’s life is anything but ordinary. He is brought up in isolation, hidden away from society, by his loving yet paranoid father, Oliver. When Oliver succumbs to a leg wound that he refuses to have treated medically, he leaves Moon with a daunting task: to start a new life in the Alaskan wild-lands, all alone. Moon’s life takes a dramatic turn when Constable Sanders, the stern local police officer, discovers the boy with his father’s guns and accuses him of assault. Consequently, Moon is locked away in Mr. Gene’s grim Pinson home for boys until he reaches the age of majority.


Inside the confines of Pinson home, Moon finds himself forming unexpected friendships with Kit, a shy and sickly boy, and Hal, an apparent bully. Together, the trio hatches a daring escape plan, but only the three of them follow through. While Sanders fails to capture them, the unforgiving elements of the wilderness shuffle the cards of fate dramatically. Meanwhile, an uncle is discovered, adding a new layer of intrigue to the storyline.


A Family-Friendly Adventure


“Alabama Moon” holds a Motion Picture Rating (MPAA) of PG, suitable for all audiences. The film weaves a heartwarming tale of adventure and survival, emphasizing thematic elements, emotional depth, and the challenges faced by its young protagonist. While it may lack the typical comedy often associated with family films, “Alabama Moon” shines in its ability to immerse viewers in its touching story, evoking emotions of sadness, friendship, and drama.


The film deals with themes of tragedy, loss, survival, and the courage to move forward. At its core, “Alabama Moon” revolves around a child’s journey of survival and adventure, making it a powerful and emotionally resonant drama. It may not be a laughter-inducing comedy, but it excels in conveying its message and drawing the audience into the world of Moon Blake.


A Simple Yet Captivating Narrative


“Alabama Moon” is a simple and heartfelt film, making it suitable for all audiences, particularly children. The storyline is easy to follow and the message is clear, making it an excellent choice for family viewing. Its simplicity is refreshing, and it doesn’t overcomplicate the narrative, allowing viewers to connect with the characters and their experiences.


In a world where family films often rely on humor, “Alabama Moon” stands out as a touching and sincere exploration of a young boy’s adventure and survival. It offers a compelling narrative that immerses viewers in a world of emotions, friendship, and the power of drama. While it may lack the laughter typical of its genre, it makes up for it with a heartfelt and powerful story. So, gather your family, embrace your kid-at-heart, and experience the journey of Moon Blake in “Alabama Moon.”


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Alabama Moon Scenes

Alabama Moon (2009)
Alabama Moon (2009)
Alabama Moon (2009)
Alabama Moon (2009)

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