Summer Games (2011)

Original Title: Giochi d'estate

Summer Games (2011)
Director: Rolando Colla
Drama / Coming of Age / Romance / Family / Slice of Life / Psychological / Social Realism

Top Cast:

  • Fiorella Campanella
  • Armando Condolucci
  • Alessia Barela
Audio: Italian & French
Subtitles: English

In the picturesque backdrop of a Tuscany seaside camping site, “Summer Games,” known as “Giochi d’estate” in its original title, unfolds a compelling narrative that captures the essence of first love, family dynamics, and the transformative journey of two young souls. Directed by Rolando Colla, this Swiss-French collaboration from 2011 takes us on an unforgettable summer journey filled with joys and sorrows. If you’re looking to watch this evocative film online, stay with us as we delve into the rich storyline and reviews while providing a direct path to experience “Summer Games” online on BoyhoodMovies.

Summer Games Trailer

Plot Summary


“Summer Games” tells the story of a young adult and a teenage couple who cross paths during a brief summer vacation by the sea. While the backdrop is idyllic, the lives of the characters are far from picture-perfect. Nic’s parents are locked in a tumultuous and co-dependent relationship, characterized by repeated attempts at reconciliation. His 12-year-old son, caught in the crossfire, grapples with his father’s traumatizing outbursts, leading to poignant moments as he navigates the complexities of childhood.


Simultaneously, Marie, a girl of the same age, wrestles with her own family issues, particularly her distant relationship with her father. The two young souls, Nic and Marie, form an unexpected bond, learning to cope with their emotional burdens together. “Summer Games” is an exploration of the initial steps toward individuality, tinged with the joys and pains of first love.


Expanding on the Story


As “Summer Games” unfolds, we witness the dynamics of families, friendships, and the delicate process of growing up. The camping ground in the heart of Tuscany serves as the backdrop for the intertwining stories of Nic and Marie, and their respective families. The film is a portrayal of human vulnerabilities and resilience, making it a timeless and universally relatable tale.


Nic, portrayed as a stoic and tough young boy, conceals his inner wounds, stemming from his father’s abusive behavior towards his mother. His journey of self-discovery and healing is a central theme in the movie. The campsite, the games they play, and the shed near a cornfield become symbolic of their transformative experiences.


Marie, on the other hand, grapples with the absence of her father, a secret her mother keeps hidden. She embarks on a quest to uncover her father’s whereabouts in the nearby Porto Santo Stefano, and in doing so, confronts the reality behind her parents’ failed marriage. The movie explores the fragility and strength of youth as it unfolds against the backdrop of a sun-soaked summer by the sea.


User Review and Director’s Expertise


“Summer Games” stands out for its ability to capture the complexities of young hearts and the profound impact of adult actions on children. Director Rolando Colla masterfully elicits extraordinary performances from unprofessional young actors, breathing life into the characters of Nic and Marie.


Armando Condolucci and Fiorella Campanella, portraying Nic and Marie, deliver performances that resonate deeply with the audience, making their journey of self-discovery and growth all the more poignant. This remarkable portrayal by young talents adds depth and authenticity to the film’s emotional landscape, making it a captivating and relatable cinematic experience.


In the end, “Summer Games” is a cinematic gem that explores the universal themes of love, family, and coming of age. As summer draws to a close, both Nic and Marie are irrevocably changed, their resilience and strength tested, and their inner weaknesses uncovered.


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In “Summer Games,” the sun-drenched shores of Tuscany bear witness to a tale of love, growth, and self-discovery that will leave a lasting impression. Join Nic and Marie on their transformative journey, and experience the magic of this Swiss-French gem today.

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Summer Games (2011)
Summer Games (2011)
Summer Games (2011)
Summer Games (2011)

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