Bizarre (2015)

Bizarre (2015)
Director: Étienne Faure
Drama / Romance / Coming of Age / LGBTQ+ Cinema / Art House & Experimental / Tragedy:

Top Cast:

  • Pierre Prieur
  • Adrian James
  • Raquel Nave
Audio: English
Subtitles: English

In the bustling heart of Brooklyn, where art and nightlife intertwine, lies the enigmatic world of “Bizarre,” a 2015 France/United States collaboration that has garnered attention for its unique storytelling and captivating portrayal of a young French teenager named Maurice. This article delves deep into the movie, offering an expanded insight into its storyline and a comprehensive review. Whether you’re searching for information about the film or looking for a captivating cinematic experience, we invite you to explore the world of “Bizarre” and discover where you can watch it online, all while supporting this website.

Bizarre Trailer

Unraveling the “Bizarre” Storyline


At the heart of this captivating film is Maurice, a French teenager who has fled his homeland and found his way to Brooklyn. His journey leads him to “Bizarre,” a vibrant and alluring nightclub where the extraordinary becomes ordinary. As he steps into this immersive world, he quickly finds himself embraced by the club’s owner and the artists who perform there. However, there’s a mysterious and poignant side to Maurice; he carries with him a burden from the past and a host of secrets that render him incapable of love.


User Review: A Deeper Look into “Bizarre”


At first glance, the poster for “Bizarre” might lead you to expect a love triangle involving a charming young man and two slightly older women. The reviewer’s initial impression was just that, but the film’s actual narrative takes an entirely different path. “Bizarre” is an experimental film that delves into the realms of a gay-themed tragedy from the very beginning.


The main character, portrayed by an extraordinarily attractive young actor, immediately captures the viewer’s attention with his emotionless, solemn gaze. It’s a journey that may seem aimless at first, but it’s clear that the film is about to take a deep dive into the emotions and experiences of its characters.


While one might anticipate a narrative that explores the sexual and emotional facets of its characters, the film offers only teasing glimpses into a world that could have been intensely exciting to witness. The reviewer, however, found the film leaning more towards the side of depression than necessity. It’s a sentiment echoed by some, who hope that the filmmaker doesn’t follow in the footsteps of directors like Lars Von Trier, known for his melancholic themes that mirror his personal life. While such films may not be joyful to watch, they often receive critical acclaim and numerous awards.


It’s a common notion that films featuring seemingly hopeless and tragic characters tend to sweep film awards, even if they might not be consistently entertaining. “Bizarre” falls into the category of gay-themed tragedies that unfold at a slow and predictable pace, with an attractive lead character providing eye candy for the audience.


The reviewer also hints at the filmmaker’s apparent infatuation with the young male lead’s beauty, which has already led to the casting of the same actor in an upcoming project. The hope is that the filmmaker dedicates more time to crafting a compelling story rather than relying on exhausted gay-themed scenarios in pursuit of awards.


In the realm of cinema, “Bizarre” stands out as a unique and daring exploration of emotion and identity within the vibrant backdrop of a Brooklyn nightclub. While some may find it slightly more melancholic than desired, it offers a distinctive perspective on the experiences of its characters. If you’re intrigued by the prospect of diving into the world of “Bizarre,” you can watch this thought-provoking film online on, where the exceptional journey of Maurice unfolds. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore a world that is as captivating as it is “Bizarre.”

Bizarre Scenes

Bizarre (2015)
Bizarre (2015)
Bizarre (2015)
Bizarre (2015)

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