Two Birds (Short 2008)

Original Title: Smáfuglar

Two Birds (Short 2008)
Director: Rúnar Rúnarsson
Coming-of-Age / Drama / Romance / Short Film / Icelandic Cinema

Top Cast:

  • Atli Óskar Fjalarsson
  • Hera Hilmar
  • Sigurdur Jakob Helgason
Audio: Icelandic
Subtitles: English

“Two Birds,” also known as “Smáfuglar,” is a remarkable Icelandic short film that captures a fleeting moment in the lives of young teenagers. Released in 2008, this 15-minute gem is a creation of the talented writer and director, Rúnar Rúnarsson. As we approach its 15th anniversary, it’s time to delve into this extraordinary cinematic experience that takes us on a journey from innocence to adulthood.


Plot and Setting


The story unfolds on a luminous summer night, immersing us in the vibrant energy of youth. We follow a group of teenagers who are navigating the turbulent waters of adolescence. The main character, a shy and introverted boy, grapples with the pangs of a typical schoolboy crush on a girl his age. What sets “Two Birds” apart is its ability to poignantly depict the complexities of these formative years.


A Glimpse into the Director’s Genius


Rúnar Rúnarsson, who was already an Oscar nominee before creating this film, demonstrates his exceptional storytelling skills. With a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of human emotions, he crafts a narrative that resonates deeply with viewers. The film’s emotional depth and character development have made it a memorable piece of cinema.


Life-Altering Moments


The heart of the film lies in the unexpected, life-altering events that transpire during the course of a single night. At a party, the two central teenagers find themselves facing a situation that challenges their understanding of life and adulthood. It’s this pivotal moment that defines the essence of “Two Birds.”


The Transformation of Youth


One of the key takeaways from “Two Birds” is the transformation of youth into maturity. While some movies may falter in portraying this transition, Rúnarsson’s work excels in capturing the essence of change. The young male character’s decision towards the end of the film is particularly striking, leaving a profound impact on the audience.


Cinematic Brilliance


While some critics have labeled the film as forgettable, often overshadowed by its remarkable ending, it’s crucial to acknowledge the brilliance that lies within its simplicity. “Two Birds” may be just 15 minutes long, but it packs a powerful punch that reverberates in the hearts of those who watch it.


The Need for Subtitles


For those who wish to immerse themselves in the Icelandic culture and language, “Two Birds” offers an authentic experience. Although the dialogue is not frequent, it adds an element of realism and authenticity to the story. Subtitles are a valuable addition for international viewers who want to fully grasp the nuances of the film.


Awards and Recognition


“Two Birds” has received its fair share of awards and accolades, cementing its place in the world of short films. Its unique storytelling and impactful ending have garnered international acclaim, making it a notable entry in Rúnar Rúnarsson’s portfolio.


A Final Thought


In conclusion, “Two Birds” is a film that leaves a lasting impression, despite its brevity. Its ability to encapsulate the profound changes that occur during adolescence sets it apart as a unique cinematic experience. While it may not appeal to everyone, its impact on those who appreciate its depth is undeniable. As we celebrate its 15th anniversary, “Two Birds” is worth revisiting or experiencing for the first time. And for those who are intrigued by the allure of this Icelandic masterpiece, you can watch it online on, with the convenience of subtitles to enhance your viewing experience. Explore the transformative journey of youth in “Two Birds” and discover the magic of Rúnar Rúnarsson’s storytelling.

Two Birds Scenes

Two Birds (Short 2008)
Two Birds (Short 2008)
Two Birds (Short 2008)

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