Zerwany (2003)

Zerwany (2003)
Director: Jacek Filipiak
Drama / Coming of Age / Social Realism / Biographical / Slice of Life / Family

Top Cast:

  • Krzysztof Ciupa
  • Lech Dyblik
  • Agnieszka Dygant
Audio: Polish
Subtitles: English

“Zerwany,” a poignant 2003 Polish film, takes its viewers on an emotional journey through the turbulent life of a young boy, Mateusz. This gripping narrative delves into the harsh realities of a boy’s life as he faces numerous challenges, from orphanages to foster homes and ultimately a reformatory. Directed by Christopher Ciupa, this film portrays a story that is not only deeply moving but also showcases the authenticity of a system that may seem all too familiar in the realm of cinema and literature. In this article, we will explore the compelling storyline and themes of “Zerwany” while providing valuable insights for those seeking to watch this remarkable movie, which is available to watch online.

Zerwany Trailer

The Heart-Wrenching Storyline 


“Zerwany” revolves around the life of Mateusz, a resilient 10-year-old boy who experiences a life fraught with challenges and brutality. The journey begins in an orphanage, where Mateusz longs for the warmth and love of a family. However, his life takes a tumultuous turn as he is shuttled between orphanages and foster homes, continually met with humiliation and a lack of affection. His quest to reunite with his mother serves as the driving force behind his unwavering determination.


Mateusz’s life takes an even darker turn when, after being forced into the streets, he is apprehended by the police for stealing bread and subsequently sent to a reformatory. This correctional institution becomes a hellish environment for the young boy, with harsh conditions, violence among the pupils, and sadistic guardians who make his life a living nightmare. Despite the grim circumstances, Mateusz clings to a glimmer of hope, nurturing a dream of becoming a sports commentator.


A Tale of Authenticity


In “Zerwany,” Jack Filipiak delivers a powerful performance, portraying the young Matthew with hauntingly sad eyes. The film provides a raw and authentic depiction of children waiting for something that may never materialize, trapped within correctional homes under the watchful eye of teachers who often act more like adversaries than caregivers.


The authenticity of “Zerwany” is a testament to the film director’s dedication to portraying a narrative rooted in real-life experiences. The inspiration for the story came from a close friend of the director, who spent several years in similar educational institutions. This personal connection is evident throughout the film, making “Zerwany” a truly compelling and emotionally resonant cinematic experience.


Watching “Zerwany” Online


If you’re eager to witness the gripping and authentic portrayal of Mateusz’s life in “Zerwany,” you’re in luck. This remarkable Polish film is available for streaming on By watching it on this platform, you can explore the compelling storyline and powerful performances while supporting us.


“Zerwany” is a masterpiece of Polish cinema that stands out for its authenticity and emotional depth. The film takes viewers on a heart-wrenching journey through the life of a young boy who perseveres through unimaginable challenges in search of a brighter future. With powerful performances and a storyline that tugs at the heartstrings, “Zerwany” is a must-watch for those who appreciate compelling storytelling. So, click on one of the blue buttons on this page, watch “Zerwany” online, and experience the emotional rollercoaster that this film has to offer while supporting our work.

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