Vito e Gli Altri (1991)

A.K.A. Victor and the Others

Vito e Gli Altri (1991)
Director: Antonio Capuano
Drama / Crime / Social Realism / Coming-of-Age / Independent Cinema

Top Cast:

  • Nando Triola
  • Giovanni Bruno
  • Pina Leone
Audio: Italian
Subtitles: English

Vito e gli Altri, also known as Vito and the Others, is a powerful Italian film released in 1991 that sheds light on the struggles of neglected youth and street crime in impoverished Naples. Directed by Antonio Capuano, this groundbreaking movie captivated international audiences with its harrowing depiction of a young boy’s journey through a life of despair and desperation. In this in-depth article, we will explore the compelling storyline and the impact it had on raising awareness about the challenges faced by innocent souls trapped in a cycle of crime and hopelessness.

Some Scenes of the Movie

Unveiling a Disturbing Reality


The film opens with a chilling scene that sets the tone for the narrative. Rosario, consumed by despair, commits a heinous act by murdering his wife and daughter during a fateful New Year’s Eve dinner. Amidst the chaos, Vito, the son, manages to convince his father to spare their lives and call the police.


Placed under the custody of sexually abusive relatives, Vito finds himself in a precarious situation, free to roam the grimy backstreets of Naples alongside his friends, entangled in drug abuse, prostitution, and petty crime. Portrayed by a remarkable cast of nonprofessional street children, Vito e gli Altri becomes a heartrending portrayal of innocents condemned to a future devoid of hope.


Vito’s Struggle for Survival


The central character, Vito, played by the talented Nanelo Triola, emerges from a troubled background. Orphaned by his father’s despicable act, he is left in the care of his aunt, Rosetta. From an early age, Vito’s life takes a tumultuous turn as he engages in petty crimes, facing multiple encounters with the law. The narrative takes viewers on a downward spiral into a world of burglaries, robberies, and even darker depths.


Drug abuse compounds Vito’s predicament, leading to his arrest and subsequent incarceration with older, more hardened youths. The grim reality of life behind bars is painted vividly, highlighting the violence and even hints of rape Vito endures. Seeking justice, Rosetta hires a lawyer who believes Vito’s young age should exempt him from such harsh treatment. However, greed clouds her intentions as the notion of compensation entices her, blurring her focus on Vito’s well-being.


A Realistic Depiction of Desperation


Vito e gli Altri delves into the somber aspects of life that are all too prevalent in marginalized communities. The film’s portrayal of a relentless cycle of crime and hopelessness paints a realistic picture of the challenges faced by neglected youth. While the subject matter may be grim, it serves as a stark reminder of the harsh realities experienced by countless individuals. The film draws parallels to other gritty masterpieces, such as ‘Pixote’ and ‘Los Olvidados,’ which similarly tackle these themes. However, some critics argue that the character development in Vito e gli Altri falls short, leaving the protagonists somewhat flat and two-dimensional. Despite this criticism, the film still stands as a powerful and thought-provoking piece of cinema.


Acting and Cinematic Elements


Vito e gli Altri boasts commendable performances from its primarily nonprofessional cast. The raw talent and authenticity brought by the young actors add a layer of realism to the film, effectively immersing viewers in the characters’ struggles. The musical score, complementing the gloomy atmosphere, enhances the emotional impact of the story. While the cinematography may not be groundbreaking, it effectively captures the gritty setting of Naples, adding depth to the narrative.


Finding Hope Amidst Desolation


Vito e gli Altri may be a distressing cinematic experience, but it serves as a poignant reminder of the need for social awareness and support systems for disadvantaged youth. Through Vito’s story, the film sheds light on the urgent issues of poverty and neglect and the harrowing consequences they yield. While the characters’ journeys may seem devoid of hope, it is vital to acknowledge the importance of addressing these societal issues to break the cycle of despair.


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Vito e gli Altri is a remarkable Italian film that shines a light on the hardships endured by neglected youth in poverty-stricken Naples. Its compelling storyline, raw performances, and realistic portrayal of despair make it an essential piece of cinema. By delving into the depths of Vito’s world, audiences are confronted with the urgent need for social change and support systems for marginalized communities. Experience the power of Vito e gli Altri by watching it on today and join the conversation surrounding this thought-provoking film.

Vito e Gli Altri Scenes

Vito e Gli Altri (1991)
Vito e Gli Altri (1991)
Vito e Gli Altri (1991)
Vito e Gli Altri (1991)
Vito e Gli Altri (1991)
Vito e Gli Altri (1991)
Vito e Gli Altri (1991)
Vito e Gli Altri (1991)
Vito e Gli Altri (1991)
Vito e Gli Altri (1991)

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