The Smell of Us (2014)

The Smell of Us (2014)
Directors: Larry Clark
Drama / Coming-of-Age / Youth Culture / Slice of Life / Independent Cinema / Controversial Drama

Top Cast:

  • Lukas Ionesco
  • Diane Rouxel
  • Théo Cholbi
Audio: French
Subtitles: English

“The Smell of Us,” a 2014 French movie directed by filmmaker Larry Clark, delves into the lives of a group of self-destructive skateboarders in the vibrant streets of Paris. With its raw and unapologetic portrayal of youth culture, this film provides an unfiltered glimpse into the lives of troubled adolescents grappling with their own demons. In this SEO-optimized article, we will explore the storyline, highlight the director’s unique style, and provide a user review to help you understand the essence of this intriguing film. If you’re eager to watch “The Smell of Us,” you can do so conveniently online through one of the blue buttons on this page.

The Smell of Us Movie Trailer


Set against the backdrop of the captivating Parisian streets, “The Smell of Us” revolves around a group of skateboarders who find solace and escape from their troubled lives through their shared passion for skateboarding. The film’s protagonists, mainly in their late teens, are depicted as lost souls seeking meaning and identity in a world filled with chaos and self-destruction.

The movie skillfully captures the subculture of skateboarders, showcasing their camaraderie, rebellious spirit, and perpetual pursuit of adrenaline. As the story unfolds, we witness the characters’ struggles with addiction, dysfunctional family backgrounds, and their attempts to find a sense of purpose in their otherwise tumultuous lives.

Despite the chaotic and intense atmosphere, the film strikes a delicate balance between vulnerability and defiance, drawing audiences into the emotional rollercoaster of the characters’ lives. Larry Clark’s signature raw storytelling and explicit visuals bring a sense of authenticity to the narrative, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the world of these troubled youth.

Larry Clark’s Unique Style

Larry Clark is renowned for his distinctive style, which often revolves around capturing the complexities of adolescent life. Having previously directed movies like “Another Day in Paradise,” he is no stranger to exploring gritty and raw subjects.

“The Smell of Us” stays true to Clark’s artistic vision, presenting a stark and unfiltered portrayal of youth culture. His approach is known for pushing boundaries, addressing taboo topics, and provoking intense reactions from audiences. By using non-professional actors and incorporating elements of documentary-style filmmaking, Clark creates a sense of realism that resonates with viewers.

While some may find Clark’s work controversial, it cannot be denied that his films offer a stark reflection of societal issues affecting today’s youth. “The Smell of Us” is no exception, as it confronts viewers with the harsh realities faced by its characters, forcing us to question the world in which these young skateboarders navigate their lives.

User Review

One user review reflects the polarizing nature of Larry Clark’s work, especially “The Smell of Us.” The reviewer expressed a connection with Clark’s previous movies, especially “Another Day in Paradise,” which prepared them for the raw and intense experience of this film. They warned that those unfamiliar with Larry Clark’s work might not appreciate the unapologetic and dark narrative presented in “The Smell of Us.”

Furthermore, the user mentioned the departure of Lukas Ionesco, the main star of the movie, before its completion. This departure seemingly affected the film’s ending and led to some behind-the-scenes controversies. However, it’s essential to separate the real-life incidents from the artistic expression within the film itself.

Despite the negative remarks about the director and production, the reviewer acknowledged that “The Smell of Us” did not require commercial exploitation due to its funding primarily from French taxpayers. This fact highlights the film’s commitment to artistic integrity, focusing on storytelling rather than commercial success.

“The Smell of Us” is a provocative and unfiltered exploration of self-destructive skateboarders navigating the chaotic streets of Paris. Larry Clark’s signature style brings raw authenticity to the film, immersing viewers in the world of troubled youth searching for meaning amid the turmoil. If you’re ready to experience this gripping tale, you can watch “The Smell of Us” online on through one of the blue buttons on this page. Embrace the intensity of Larry Clark’s vision and step into the captivating, yet unsettling, lives of these rebellious skateboarders.

The Smell of Us Scenes

The Smell of Us (2014)
The Smell of Us (2014)
The Smell of Us (2014)
The Smell of Us (2014)
The Smell of Us (2014)

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