Leave Us Alone (1975)

Original Title: La' os være

Leave Us Alone (1975)
Director: Ernst Johansen, Lasse Nielsen
Drama / Coming-of-Age / Adventure / Psychological Thriller / Realism / Cultural and Historical

Top Cast:

  • Martin Højmark
  • Ole Meyer
  • Jens Wagn Rasmussen
Audio: Danish
Subtitles: English

“Leave Us Alone” (La’ os være), a 1975 Danish film directed by Hans Kristensen, has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema. This cult classic, originally titled “La’ os være,” tells the story of a group of young adolescents who embark on a daring adventure that takes an unexpected and dark turn. In this article, we delve deep into the storyline, its cultural impact, and how you can watch this unforgettable film online for free.

Leave Us Alone Trailer

The Riveting Storyline


A group of ten to sixteen-year-olds, hailing from a Danish educational center, decides to break the rules and embark on an escapade to an uninhabited island using a stolen boat. However, their rebellious journey takes a sinister turn when the boat mysteriously disappears. Stranded on the island, they are left to their own devices, and what was meant to be a carefree holiday quickly devolves into a nightmarish ordeal. This experience tests their bonds, subjects them to peer pressure, and thrusts them into a world of serious violence and accidents. Amidst this chaos, some of them also discover the complex emotions of love.


A Cinematic Gem


“Leave Us Alone” is often seen as a loose interpretation of William Golding’s iconic novel, “Lord of the Flies.” The film drew attention for its raw and unfiltered portrayal of adolescent life, leading to its ban for children under the age of twelve. The creators of the film argued that it offered a starkly realistic depiction of the youth of the era.


Notably, the film featured amateur actors from a Copenhagen youth club, infusing the movie with a genuine and authentic feel. Much of the film’s dialogue was improvised, adding to its spontaneity and authenticity. “Leave Us Alone” quickly became a trailblazer, heralding a wave of youth-oriented films with anti-authoritarian themes in the years that followed.


Cultural Impact


“Leave Us Alone” not only sparked conversations about the lives of adolescents in Denmark during the 1970s but also laid the groundwork for a new wave of Danish cinema. It showcased the power of realism and raw emotions in filmmaking, inspiring a generation of filmmakers to explore similar themes in their work.


How to Watch “Leave Us Alone” (La’ os være) Online for Free


Now, if you’re eager to watch this cinematic masterpiece that has left a lasting impact on Danish cinema, you can do so through BoyhoodMovies. By clicking on one of the blue buttons on this page, you can embark on your own journey into the tumultuous world of these young adolescents on the uninhabited island.


“Leave Us Alone” (La’ os være) remains a powerful and thought-provoking cinematic gem from Denmark. Its honest portrayal of adolescent life and its influence on subsequent Danish films cannot be understated. Through its compelling storyline and realistic portrayal, it continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. So, if you’re ready to explore the world of these young adventurers, follow one of the blue buttons on this page and dive into this Danish classic available online on BoyhoodMovies.

Leave Us Alone Scenes

Leave Us Alone (1975)
Leave Us Alone (1975)
Leave Us Alone (1975)
Leave Us Alone (1975)
Leave Us Alone (1975)

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