The Dynamiter (2011)

The Dynamiter (2011)
Director: Matthew Gordon
Drama / Coming-of-Age / Family / Indie / Slice of Life / Social Realism / Character Study

Top Cast:

  • William Ruffin
  • John Alex Nunnery
  • Patrick Rutherford
Audio: English
Subtitles: English

“The Dynamiter,” a 2011 American indie film, weaves a compelling narrative that explores the yearning for family, the resilience of youth, and the harsh realities of life in a Mississippi summer. In this article, we delve into the storyline, character development, and user reviews to provide you with an in-depth look at this cinematic gem. We encourage you to watch this movie online on

The Dynamiter Trailer

The Riveting Storyline


Set against the backdrop of a sweltering Mississippi summer, “The Dynamiter” follows the life of Robbie Hendrick, a 14-year-old boy yearning for the stability of a family. However, Robbie’s dreams are dashed when his wayward mother disappears once again, leaving him to shoulder the responsibility of caring for his half-brother, Fess. The deep days and nights pass without her return, and with the return of his older brother, Lucas, whose presence poses a dangerous threat, Robbie must confront the possibility that his dream of a family may remain just that – a dream. The bonds that Robbie forms and the challenges he faces are at the heart of this evocative coming-of-age drama.


Character Development


At the heart of “The Dynamiter” is the portrayal of Robbie Hendrick, masterfully brought to life by William Patrick Ruffin. His performance is a testament to the potential and talent of independent film-making. Robbie, a 14-year-old boy navigating a turbulent life, provides viewers with a deeply emotional and convincing portrayal. He grapples with the complexities of growing up too soon, trying to act as an adult and parent to his younger brother, Fess, while still yearning for the carefree joys of childhood. Robbie’s circumstances force him to relinquish typical teenage experiences as his mother’s abandonment leaves him and his brother in the care of their minimally helpful grandmother. The boys must learn to fend for themselves, all while contending with the disruptive presence of their no-good older brother, Lucas. Robbie’s journey is one of heart-wrenching decisions and the resilience of youth.


User Reviews


User reviews of “The Dynamiter” are overwhelmingly positive, underscoring the film’s impact and authenticity. One reviewer shares, “I think Mic from Canada took almost all the words out of my mouth and my review.” The sentiment here reflects the shared appreciation for the movie’s depth and quality.


The reviewer goes on to highly recommend the film, emphasizing its excellence as an independent film-making masterpiece. “The Dynamiter” is praised for its sensitive portrayal of Robbie, a young boy struggling with emotional turmoil and the weight of responsibility. Despite being a good, decent boy, Robbie is faced with an exceedingly challenging life that forces him to take on the role of an adult and caregiver for his little brother. The reviewer acknowledges that Robbie’s plight is one of sacrifice, as he foregoes the carefree joys of adolescence due to his mother’s absence.


The reviewer further highlights the film’s gripping narrative, acknowledging that while it may not be perfect, it’s still a heartfelt and worthwhile viewing experience. This recommendation is echoed with sincerity, emphasizing that the film, though just over an hour in length, is a rewarding journey that deserves attention.


“The Dynamiter” is a poignant exploration of family, resilience, and the trials of youth. This article encourages you to experience this indie gem through one of the blue buttons on this page, allowing you to witness the emotional depth and remarkable performances that make this film a standout in independent cinema. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the gripping world of Robbie Hendrick and his quest for family amidst the unforgiving Mississippi summer.

The Dynamiter Scenes

The Dynamiter (2011)
The Dynamiter (2011)
The Dynamiter (2011)
The Dynamiter (2011)

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