Burning Flowers (1985)

Original Title: Brennende blomster

Burning Flowers (1985)
Director: Eva Dahr, Eva Isaksen
Drama / Romance / Coming-of-Age / Period Piece / Literary Adaptation / Cinematic Art

Top Cast:

  • Torstein Hølmebakk
  • Lise Fjeldstad
  • Karoline Waal
Audio: Norwegian
Subtitles: English

In the realm of Scandinavian cinema, “Burning Flowers” (original title: “Brennende Blomster”) is a hidden gem that takes viewers on a mesmerizing journey into the heart of 1960s Oslo. This article delves into the depths of this Norwegian classic, exploring its captivating storyline, exceptional cast, and its cultural significance, while guiding readers on where to watch it online for free. If you’re a fan of coming-of-age tales and cinematic brilliance, this is a must-see film.

Burning Flowers Trailer



Set in 1960s Oslo, “Burning Flowers” follows the captivating tale of Hermann, portrayed brilliantly by Torstein Hølmebakk. Hermann embarks on a unique and intense relationship with Rosa, portrayed by the talented Lise Fjeldstad. Their connection serves as the centerpiece of this remarkable film, which is based on Lars Saabye Christensen’s novel, “Beatles” (also known as “Yesterday”).


The Cinematic Adaptation


“Beating Flowers” is a cinematic adaptation of Lars Saabye Christensen’s literary masterpiece. The director and crew have masterfully brought the essence of the novel to the screen, delivering a breathtaking rendition of 1960s Oslo. This faithful adaptation showcases the authenticity and attention to detail that make it a standout piece of Scandinavian cinema.


Outstanding Cast


The film boasts an exceptional cast, with Torstein Hølmebakk, Lise Fjeldstad, and Jan Petter Berglund in leading roles. Their performances are nothing short of remarkable, with Hølmebakk and Fjeldstad bringing the intricate characters of Hermann and Rosa to life. This film showcases the depth of their acting prowess and their ability to resonate with the audience.


A Tale of Unconventional Love


At the core of “Burning Flowers” lies an unconventional love story, one that was not watered down or turned into a mindless comedy. It’s this unique approach that distinguishes the film from the typical romantic narratives. The story of a young boy falling for an older woman is a theme that might have kept the film from a widespread release in the United States, but it’s precisely this uniqueness that makes it a hidden treasure.


Cultural Significance


While “Burning Flowers” may not have reached the same international recognition as some other Scandinavian classics, it holds a special place in cinematic history. With its portrayal of 1960s Oslo and its non-conformist love story, this film bridges the gap between coming-of-age tales and the cultural backdrop of its time. For those who appreciate films like “Harold and Maude” and the era of “Help,” “Burning Flowers” offers a unique blend of both worlds.


An Undiscovered Cult Classic


With its remarkable storytelling, outstanding cast, and cultural significance, “Burning Flowers” deserves more recognition. This film has the potential to become a cult classic, especially among teens and those who appreciate unconventional and thought-provoking cinema.


Where to Watch “Burning Flowers” Online for Free


If you’re eager to embark on this cinematic journey into 1960s Oslo, you can stream “Burning Flowers” online on BoyhoodMovies. We encourage you to use our provided link to access the film and support the content creators behind this cinematic masterpiece. By watching “Burning Flowers” online, you can immerse yourself in this captivating story and relish the outstanding performances of its cast.


In conclusion, “Burning Flowers” (Brennende Blomster) is a cinematic masterpiece that deserves a place in your must-watch list. With its compelling storyline, exceptional cast, and cultural significance, it’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. So, fire up your screen and delve into the world of Hermann and Rosa in 1960s Oslo through “Burning Flowers” online on BoyhoodMovies.

Burning Flowers Scenes

Burning Flowers (1985)
Burning Flowers (1985)
Burning Flowers (1985)
Burning Flowers (1985)
Burning Flowers (1985)
Burning Flowers (1985)

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